We are a RIPE Member registered as AS62233 or simply TUMPINET.


Buying IPv4 addresses is a significant investment that can draw away resources from the actual business logic.

There are multiple advantages in renting IPv4 address:

  1. Renting contracts have expiration dates and can be eventually canceled, while bought addresses should be sold, an operation which requires finding a buyer and significant monetary movements.
  2. Renting addresses is a fast operation that can be concluded in a couple of days.
  3. Renting shifts the initial high costs of IPv4 addressing to an external entity.
  4. Renting contracts can have fixed fees for multiple years, even if the IPv4 market inflates.



IPv4 /24 Renting
Contract Length Price per Month
3 months 125€
6 months 115€
12 months 105€
24 months 95€
In all cases invoicing is upfront quarterly.
LIR Sponsoring
Contract Type Price per Year
Student 45€
Standard 90€

Our Subnets

Type Subnet
IPv6 2a11:2300::/29
IPv4 xxx.xx.xx.0/22 (WIP)


IP addresses are provided clean, (i.e., not in SPAM or black-lists) and so they shall be returned.

Customers are responsible for correctly handling abuse reports, especially those regarding SPAM and illegal activities.